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5.0 stars | 165 reviews
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Ryan Bielecki
1 week ago
Dr. Mac is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Only guy I’ve ever had give me what felt like an honest opinion. Whoever your chiropractor is, this guy’s better.
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Brenton Squires
1 week ago
Dr. Mac is hands down incredible. From his diagnosis and attention to detail, to his course of therapy and follow through with his patients. I could not ever recommend a chiropractor more highly as I could Dr. Mac. I'm so...
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Abbigail Sunglao
2 weeks ago
Dr. Mac just gets you. He is that dude. Today was my first visit. And really regretting that I’ve been putting this visit behind. I should’ve gone 2 months ago when I found his page. I went in to get some relief on my lower...
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Cathy Harris
2 weeks ago
I brought my father to see Dr Mac after having been a patient of his for a while. I don’t trust ANYONE with my dad, so you know he’s legit. Also, it should be noted that my dad is 82, has been suffering with nerve pain in his...
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Christina Ordonez
2 weeks ago
Knowledgeable, kind and professional. Dr. Mack was able to diagnose my problems that had required a specialist and MRI in the past. Will most certainly be going back.
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Anna Saakova
3 weeks ago
Dr. Mac is excellent! During the initial session, he asked insightful questions to fully understand my issues and work towards a solution. I now see him every other week, and I appreciate how much he cares about his patients....

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Here at Buffalo Spine & Sport Chiropractic, we offer highly-regarded, empirical evidence-based chiropractic care to treat each individual patient.  This provides for a higher standard of care for your well-being and individualized needs.
At Buffalo Spine & Sport Chiropractic, every new patient visit can last upwards to an hour-long appointment. During this time, Dr. Mackintosh gets to know his patients personally, properly assess and diagnoses the nature of your condition, and educates you while developing a treatment plan and regimen tailored to your individual care. 


There is no other chiropractor in the state of Colorado with Dr. Mackintosh's clinical training and expertise. Dr. Mackintosh completed additional neurological training at the University of Buffalo's Neurosurgical Spine Center affiliated with DENT Neurologic Institute. He was trained at a trauma one level hospital, giving him the experience and training to properly assess, diagnose, and treat your individual neuro-musculoskeletal needs and conditions. Dr. Mackintosh specializes in treating motor vehicle accidents and neurological conditions.


No need to live with your pains and discomforts. Contact us today at (720) 916-8625 to schedule an appointment for serious results and the highest standard of chiropractic care in Denver, CO.

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5.0 stars | 165 reviews
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