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Conditions Treated
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Conditions Treated

Personal Injuries

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We offer specialized care for personal injuries resulting from accidents, slips, or falls. Our comprehensive approach will help relieve pain and aid recovery. Tailored chiropractic solutions for personal injury recovery and lasting wellness.

Car Accident Injuries

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We understand the complexities of car accident injuries. Dr. Mackintosh’s trauma-trained skills provide targeted chiropractic solutions, aiding recovery from whiplash, spinal misalignment, and related discomforts. Expert chiropractic care for car accident injuries, promoting recovery and pain relief.
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Do you have burning, tingling, or numbness in the lower extremity? Let's determine if it's a true sciatica or piriformis syndrome!

Disc Herniation

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Chiropractic treatment for disc herniation may include spinal adjustments, traction, massage, and exercises to relieve pain, improve mobility, and promote healing.

Back Pain

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It is estimated that over 80% of adults will experience back pain in their lifetime, and approximately 5% of people will become chronic. We treat the root cause of your back pain and can be preventative, restorative, and proactive with the approach to your care!

TMJ Dysfunction

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TMJ is the second most common musculoskeletal condition in the world, mostly overlooked, underdiagnosed, and mistreated. If you get jaw discomfort and pains, clicks and aches, difficulty chewing, and headaches, we can help you with soft tissue mobilizations, low grade adjustments, and increase your range of motion while decreasing the intensity and frequency of your symptoms

Migraines and Headaches

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Headaches and migraines can be incredibly disruptive on one's daily life. Through accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans, we look to reduce both the frequency and severity of your symptoms, with the ultimate goal of achieving relief from these painful occurrences happening again.

Neck Pain

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We can relieve your chronic neck pain with our chiropractic care, manipulating the vertebrae in the spine and neck.

Plantar Fasciitis

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Heel pain on the sole of the foot can make a simple pleasure such as walking, and turn it into a difficult task. We treat plantar fasciitis with a conservative myofascial and joint dysfunction approach.

Shoulder Pain/Dysfunction

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Chronic shoulder problems? Acute injury? Come on in! Let's figure out the true cause together.


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5.0 stars | 165 reviews
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