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What makes you different than other Chiropractors?

Dr. Mackintosh went to the only chiropractic college with chiropractic students rotating at a hospital setting at ECMC, a grade one-level trauma hospital. This allowed Dr. Mackintosh to have greater exposure to vast amounts of acute and chronic conditions unrelated to neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis. Dr. Mackintosh also received clinical exposure at a state-of-the-art neurosurgical spine center through the University at Buffalo, one of the world's premier leading research institutes.
Dr. Mackintosh completed a preceptorship at the University at Buffalo Neurosurgical Center, which exposed him to working alongside other providers, neurosurgical, and neurosurgical candidate patients, requiring a higher level of training that a majority of chiropractors today don’t possess. UB Neurosurgery is located and affiliated with DENT Neurologic Institute, the top-rated neurological institution in the United States. There currently is no other chiropractor in the state of Colorado who possesses his training or skill level of education or clinical exposure.

What is that crack/pop noise, and should I be scared of it?

Most people associate chiropractic spinal manipulation with videos they see on Instagram or TikTok. That audible release noise people hear or experience is perfectly normal and safe. Chiropractors put an impulse into a joint to stimulate movement, which releases nitrogen gasses that move between joints and muscular structures, giving the “crack/pop” noise. Think of it like when you open a soda can and hear that initial fizz or bubbling, which is just nitrogen gas moving. How loud the audible release is not associated with how effective the treatment is. Sometimes noises won’t even occur, and that’s just as normal, too!

What can I expect on my initial visit, and do I need to bring anything with me?

After booking an appointment online, you will receive the new patient paperwork in-take forms. Please complete these before coming in for your initial visit so that Dr. Mackintosh can review them and be prepared before you see him. If you have received diagnostic imaging, such as an X-ray or MRI, please bring the disc with you! A new patient visit can last upwards of one hour, including taking a detailed history, neurological exam, orthopedic exam, diagnosis, explanation, consultation, and treatment! All you need to bring is yourself, and if you can bring athletic clothing to change into if you’re in business attire or jeans, it would be much appreciated.

Do you do personal injury cases?

Yes, Buffalo Spine & Sport Chiropractic will work with your attorney to make sure you receive the highest standard of care possible with no cost to you personally. Whether it be an auto injury, a slip or fall, etc. Doctor Mac has YOUR back!

What is mechanical flexion distraction?

Doctor Mackintosh has a special flexion distraction chiropractic table that assists him in treating neurological conditions such as disc herniations, nerve compression/neuropathies, canal stenosis (arthritis), and scoliosis. This form of manual traction can take upwards of 200 lbs. of pressure off your spine and allow the doctor to stimulate motion into your joint segments, and take pressure off of muscle tension and neurological structures in a safe and therapeutic manner.

Can chiropractic care alleviate headaches and migraines?

If joint dysfunction in the spine, caused by injury or poor posture, affects nerves in the neck, it may influence blood vessel size and muscle function. Addressing this root cause through a detailed spinal exam by Dr. Evans can determine if spinal dysfunction contributes to your neck pain. Additionally, associated soft tissues like muscles and ligaments might play a role in neck pain. By restoring spinal joint and nerve function, the body enters a healing state, helping to alleviate headaches and migraines. Explore how chiropractic care in Denver, CO, might be the solution you’re seeking for relief from these symptoms.

Can chiropractic care help with whiplash, headaches, and neck pain from a car accident?

Absolutely! Our bodies weren’t designed for the impact of a stationary or colliding vehicle. Research indicates that even at speeds as low as 8mph, there can be spine injuries. Our specialized chiropractic technique identifies joint injuries resulting from whiplash or a vehicle accident. Once detected, we initiate the correction process to address joint dysfunction, nerve system interference, muscle spasms, and other factors commonly associated with headaches and neck pain following whiplash events. See our chiropractor in Denver, CO, today!


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5.0 stars | 159 reviews
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